[AMMO] PMC X-TAC 5.56X45 MM 62 GR GREEN TIP (556K) – 1000 rd $609

[AMMO] PMC X-TAC 5.56X45 MM 62 GR GREEN TIP (556K) – 1000 rd $609


[AMMO] PMC X-TAC 5.56X45 MM 62 GR GREEN TIP (556K) – 1000 rd $609

17 reviews for [AMMO] PMC X-TAC 5.56X45 MM 62 GR GREEN TIP (556K) – 1000 rd $609

  1. BrawlyJam17767

    I remember at the beginning of 2020 when everything went to shit that these were $280 for 1000 rnds. Makes me wish I would have sent it

  2. Existing_Flow7762

    Hold! ๐Ÿ’Ž โœ‹ ๐Ÿ’Ž โœ‹

  3. Clifton1979

    Arenโ€™t these guys questionable? I recall some weird threads of remanufactured ammo and some weird CA ammo buying shenanigansโ€ฆ.

  4. grassassbass

    what price are you guys holding for? Personally I’m thinking once I see something like 35-40 cpr for this I will buy a case

  5. VanillaIce315


  6. P_Juicy

    Stacks and stacks of green tip at Bass Pro earlier for less than this.

  7. Ded_man_3112

    If I buy this ammo, will it come with a list of ranges hidden from the public, that will let me shoot with it?

  8. Wanderman15


  9. hack-a-shaq

    Since nobody is buying this, I got a case of this from Target Sharts USA for $379 in June 2020 and thought I was getting my dick kicked in.

    I miss the days. And I hate TSUSA

  10. Nm0369


  11. gumby36psi


  12. gumby36psi

    NaTUrE iS HeAlInG

  13. lv_techs

    Still not really a deal though, ammo prices are coming down I imagine now that everyone is geared up for mass ammo production and demand is subsiding, prices should come down pretty fast.

  14. Asleep-Brilliant-89

    This was 500 about a year ago, so its coming down gradually, under 300 about 18 months ago.

  15. GNUtoReddit

    not buying … hodl

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  17. knaudi

    Nope. Still a garbage price.

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