[Ammo] Winchester 5.56 M193 55 FMJ 1000rd Case $650 shipped

[Ammo] Winchester 5.56 M193 55 FMJ 1000rd Case $650 shipped


[Ammo] Winchester 5.56 M193 55 FMJ 1000rd Case $650 shipped

14 reviews for [Ammo] Winchester 5.56 M193 55 FMJ 1000rd Case $650 shipped

  1. GarththeGarth


  2. ConsistentMud2140


  3. rsan19

    Who is still paying these prices?

  4. Edven971

    God no

  5. O0hsnapz

    In for 1!


  6. Curious_Joke

    I personally am holding as I have an ok amount right now, but this is slightly better than current big box stores charging $13.99 for a box of 20 if you want to get out and get some work in.

  7. governman

    How many hours of searching would it cost me to save $100 buying ammo of equivalent quantity and quality to this?

  8. Kamizar

    Sorry boys, i know 65cpr is a little high, but i haven’t gone shooting in ages.

  9. HOUTXANON2020

    Bought 600 rnds of M855 556 for about 56.5 CPR from Academy Sports not too long ago. My local Academy Sports had a ton of ammo, ever since they started only allowing 2 boxes per customer per day it’s really driven the hoarding down. Or maybe everyone is like me and they’ve already stocked up enough, but when is enough really enough???? Screw it going to run to Academy and see what I can buy.

  10. gumby36psi

    plz hdol

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  12. Curious_Joke

    bot oos

  13. LostMyCleaver

    Boo this man!

  14. impledob

    Don’t buy this, don’t be a troglodyte just wait for prices to go down. Range day and wait a few weeks.

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