[Other gun] Aero Precision June 2021 Builder Sets – Starting at $524.99

[Other gun] Aero Precision June 2021 Builder Sets – Starting at $524.99


[Other gun] Aero Precision June 2021 Builder Sets – Starting at $524.99

15 reviews for [Other gun] Aero Precision June 2021 Builder Sets – Starting at $524.99

  1. [deleted]


  2. EastwoodRavine85

    Actually had the set and furniture in the cart, then the website went to utter shit, did Aero buy blem servers?

  3. Professional-Deal329

    I purchased an M4E1 set, got the email confirmation but the website is crashing. Good luck everyone!

  4. darthn3ss

    Fuck i am tempted.

  5. GNUtoReddit

    Damn damn!… only one I’ve wanted in a while.

  6. RodgerTibbs

    I knew these would go fast. This was a good looking set for the month.

  7. drgreenthumb12372

    got the m4e1 enhanced set but couldn’t grab the matching furniture dammit

  8. anon2019_atx

    Im guesstimating $400 or less for a comparable set in Black or slightly more for FDE. It’s probably worth the extra Franklin for the cool paint job and having entire set not having to hunt pieces down.

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  10. Chewynugetman

    Bot OOS

  11. KarDziLLa

    Was lucky enough to get a M4 set, along with the grip and stock. Does anyone collect these sets monthly?

  12. PandaMoney55

    I got a M4E1 one but really wanted the enhanced version but they were all gone in the first 10 mins.

  13. [deleted]

    These are pretty sick, tbh.

    Obviously got here way, way late.

  14. RevolutionaryTrash14

    If anyone has a spare furniture set for this that they want to sell let me know. Picked up a kit but not furniture.

  15. MediumRedMetallic

    Aaand they’re gone

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