[PARTS] Aero AR15 BREACH Charging Handles (both Small Lever and Large Lever) $71.99 + S/H at Bexar Arms

[PARTS] Aero AR15 BREACH Charging Handles (both Small Lever and Large Lever) $71.99 + S/H at Bexar Arms


[PARTS] Aero AR15 BREACH Charging Handles (both Small Lever and Large Lever) $71.99 + S/H at Bexar Arms

11 reviews for [PARTS] Aero AR15 BREACH Charging Handles (both Small Lever and Large Lever) $71.99 + S/H at Bexar Arms

  1. SoundOf1HandClapping

    Not in the market for anything at the moment, but I see Phil I upvote.

    Of the things I’ve bought, his handguards and springs work like charms.

    And who knows. A federal judge just yeeted CA’s assault weapons ban (albeit with a 30-day stay if the state wants to appeal) so I might be in the market again soon.

  2. [deleted]


  3. BexarArms

    **It has come to my attention that USPS First-Class Mail is commonly experiencing delivery delays.** Orders shipped via this method are usually delivered within 2 weeks time, though it has been reported that it can occasionally take 30 days or more. If a timely delivery is important, please choose any of the other shipping options. Thanks!

    Howdy Friends! Aero Precision AR15 BREACH Charging Handles are in stock and ready to ship! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on these since they were first released, and all I can say is that I’m impressed. Both the Small and Large configurations are available in black and are being sold for $71.99

    * [Aero AR15 BREACH Charging Handle w/ Large Lever – Black](https://www.bexararms.net/ar15-breach-ambi-ch-large-black/)
    * [Aero AR15 BREACH Charging Handle w/ Small Lever – Black](https://www.bexararms.net/aero-ar15-breach-ambi-ch-small-blk/)

    Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas Blocks are still in stock! These are currently my favorite AGB thanks to their clicky adjustment and the patented Bleed-Off functionality. Exclusive to Bexar Arms are the FREE upgraded Knurled Set Screws that are included with each of these AGB’s. Also available is the option to have a gas tube pre-installed before shipping.

    * [Superlative Arms .625″ Solid Melonite Adjustable Gas Block w/ FREE Knurled Set Screws – $89.99](https://www.bexararms.net/suparms-625-solid-melonite/)
    * [Superlative Arms .750″ Solid Melonite Adjustable Gas Block w/ FREE Knurled Set Screws – $89.99](https://www.bexararms.net/suparms-750-solid-melonite/)

    Faxon 11.5″ Midlength 5.56 Gunner Barrels are still available and are an excellent option if you’re looking for an AR pistol or SBR build. In my experience, the midlength gas system works perfectly well without a suppressor and with a standard gas block, though it really shines suppressed. If you’re looking to run a set screw gas block with your barrel, I offer an optional dimpling service for an extra $10. Turnaround time for dimples is quick, and you won’t need to worry about getting the tools to do it yourself if you’re not interested in it!

    * [Faxon 11.5″ Midlength 5.56 Gunner Barrel (with option to dimple +$10) – $151.05](https://www.bexararms.net/faxon-11-5-gunner-5-56-midlength-qpq/)

    Radian Raptor-LT FDE and Raptor-SL are in stock and ready to ship! These are an excellent upgrade over milspec if you like the ambi functionality and improved ergos that these charging handles offer.

    * [Radian Raptor-LT FDE – $66.45](https://www.bexararms.net/raptor-lt-ar15-fde/)
    * [Original Radian Raptor – $85.45](https://www.bexararms.net/ar15-raptor-black/)
    * [Radian Raptor-SL – $85.45](https://www.bexararms.net/raptor-sl-ar15-black/)

    Still got some Aero Mil-Spec Uppers in both Black and FDE are in stock and ready to ship! **PLEASE NOTE:** The price of the Squaring Service has increased from $10 to $15. That being said, discount code **FairAndSquare** is now good for $15 off all uppers purchased!

    If you choose to have your upper squared, do know that it will take longer for your order to ship. Thanks!

    * [Aero Black Assembled Mil-Spec Upper ($15 off with code **FairAndSquare**)](https://www.bexararms.net/assembled-ar-15-forged-7075-t6-upper-receiver-anodized-black/)
    * [Aero FDE Assembled Mil-Spec Upper ($15 off with code **FairAndSquare**)](https://www.bexararms.net/ar-15-upper-receiver-fde/)
    * [Aero AR-15 XL Assembled Upper Receiver ($15 off with code **FairAndSquare**)](https://www.bexararms.net/ar15-xl-assembled-upper-receiver-anodized-black/)

    eXcise Optimized Handguards are still going strong! I designed them to be the perfect blend of functionality and strength while keeping them as lightweight as possible. I think they stack up real well compared to the competition, and I promise that you’ll like it if you give it a try or I’ll give you a full refund including the original shipping cost, as well as a free return label. [Don’t forget to give the installation instructions video a view](https://youtu.be/K1LCXWj6cxg) for a step by step guide on how to properly install the handguard. Working on getting some new lengths released this year as well, so keep an eye out for that!

    * [BLEMISHED eXcise Optimized AR-15 MLOK Handguards – Black Anodized](https://www.bexararms.net/ar15-handguards/)

    Still got a few Gen 2 AR-15 Flat Wire Springs available! They have higher force on the bolt in battery while having the same amount of force at bolt hold open. They’re awesome, and if you use some automotive grease on them, they can be extremely quiet too! Use code FlatIsJustice to get 10% off all FWS’s purchased!

    * [Gen 2 AR-15 Flat Wire Springs (10% off w/ code **FlatIsJustice**)](https://www.bexararms.net/gen2-ar15-fws/)

    And some more odds and ends that I have in stock that you might be interested in.

    * [Magpul MLOK Hand Stop Kits and Type 2 Rail Covers](https://www.bexararms.net/grips-attachments/)
    * [B5 Bravo Stocks – multiple colors!](https://www.bexararms.net/b5-systems/)
    * [Dead Air Muzzle Devices](https://www.bexararms.net/dead-air/)

    [If any of y’all have 3D printers and also happen to be reloaders, I got some reloading trays available to download for free on Thingiverse.](https://www.thingiverse.com/BexarArms/designs)

    Thanks again for the support, and please feel free to ask me any questions or give me your suggestions on what I should look into offering next. I’m the best at answering emails over reddit PMs. I don’t always check reddit, but I do always get notified of new emails!



    Made to Order URG’s (Choose Your Own Adventure) coming soon[.](https://www.bexararms.net/11-5-mid-556-urg/?showHidden=true)

  4. _HereForTheBeer

    Thanks! Got one

  5. forstyle1

    Great seller. **Will** buy again from here when I figure out what my next build will be.

  6. 901savvy

    Grabbed a large. Curious to try one.
    Any reason to go small vs large?

  7. heyitsrjyo

    Any good Samaritan’s with a free shipping code so i can pop my cherry with this new CH and first purchase from this dealer. 😬

  8. ctw1014

    How do these compare to radian SD? Trying to decide between the two of them

  9. dirtyboots702


  10. Eris_is_Savathun

    This is one of the best dealers we have. Buy with confidence.

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