[PARTS] Handbrake M-LOK – Emissary Development $35.00 shipped

[PARTS] Handbrake M-LOK – Emissary Development $35.00 shipped


[PARTS] Handbrake M-LOK – Emissary Development $35.00 shipped

19 reviews for [PARTS] Handbrake M-LOK – Emissary Development $35.00 shipped

  1. garagebuiltguns

    Best handbrake on the market. So nice I bought it twice: [https://imgur.com/a/uqHQVXj](https://imgur.com/a/uqHQVXj)

  2. codifier


    Frequency: uncommon
    +3 Style
    +5 usefulness
    +2 ATF Arbitrary Felony Points

  3. ShawesomeElite

    First time posting. But I couldn’t not share with you guys. You guys have been good to me lol

  4. AJK360

    I’ve been through a good number of handbrakes and foregrips and this is my favorite so far. Definitely worth it!

  5. zero-exit

    Thanks OP, I prolly wouldnt have gotten it but Free shipping makes it so easy…

  6. cmotolion

    Best handbrake on the market. Got this and the BCM Kag. Between the two, this is probably my favorite.

  7. joe_sun

    How do these compare to a backwards BCM Mod 3 grip? They kinda look like a smaller, slimmed down version.

  8. azntioy

    Is this CA compliant for featureless build?

  9. maddog2021

    can this be put on a pistol?

  10. Edwardteech

    But what if I have dickmod 🙁

  11. GunnyBearNW

    In for 2!

  12. BradyKissesKids69

    Thinking about this for my extar instead of AFG

  13. Screwedstonian

    In for 1. The “FDE Cerakote” isn’t actually Cerakote is it? Also, is it me or is it more like Coyote brown?

  14. drwa236

    Where fde

  15. bandanabane

    Ordered one! Very excited to try this on my scar 17s.

  16. ToastNBread

    Got an email this morning that the magpie foregrip I ordered wasn’t actually in stock so I had them cancel the order. This came at a perfect time I’m excited to try it out.

  17. Whereyoursisterwent

    In for one. I’ve been shooting getting used to holding the mlok barrel but this will be awesome to get to try out

    It looks like a vert grip that used to play high school football but let itself go and now identifies as a handbrake.

  18. Jay_Crosse

    Snagged one. Would have bought a pic rail one if it was in stock.

  19. Acceptable_North_117

    Any idea when this will be restocked ?

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