[Parts] Silencerco Flared Magwell Billet AR-15 Lower – $249 + shipping

[Parts] Silencerco Flared Magwell Billet AR-15 Lower – $249 + shipping


[Parts] Silencerco Flared Magwell Billet AR-15 Lower – $249 + shipping

3 reviews for [Parts] Silencerco Flared Magwell Billet AR-15 Lower – $249 + shipping

  1. iLuvstockglocksights

    Parted with mine. The ambi bolt catch design would lock the bolt back like the mag was empty when I still had a round left in the mag. Tested two different uppers with Gen 2 p mags, dh mags, and lancer. Also the bolt catch roll pin hole on the lower is not milspec (at least mine). I had to go to my gunsmith who had just as much trouble getting it set in as I did. YMMV but I recommend going with adm over this

    Edit: if you still want to take a chance on this lower [brownells ](https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/lower-receivers/ar-15-billet-lower-receiver-prod137295.aspx) has them in stock and I’m sure there’s a discount code to get it cheaper. Negative reviews on brownells too tho sooo proceed with caution

  2. ultramarioihaz

    That QD placement near the buffer looks awesome.

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