[Revolver] SMITH & WESSON 686 6″ .357 MAGNUM SATIN STAINLESS $749

[Revolver] SMITH & WESSON 686 6″ .357 MAGNUM SATIN STAINLESS $749


[Revolver] SMITH & WESSON 686 6″ .357 MAGNUM SATIN STAINLESS $749

12 reviews for [Revolver] SMITH & WESSON 686 6″ .357 MAGNUM SATIN STAINLESS $749

  1. Alex-GXO

    Man I really want to get a big iron, but they expensive

  2. Theyknowwhoweare

    I’d love this in a 44…

  3. KillaKevin6635

    I paid covid price for a 4.25″ 686 last May (~$850) so this seems like a stellar deal to me…

  4. MotorBoatingBoobies

    I thought these were 7 shot, no?

  5. laskmich

    Partridge sight instead of ramped 👌

  6. Constant_Constant_48

    I have one and I really like it. Extremely smooth double action and fast acquisition front sights.

  7. SH01-DD

    Internal lock. Pass.

  8. tommyfolk

    I really want this or a colt python. Just waiting for my budget to catch up, lol.

  9. vadertheblack

    I’ve got the 686 plus and I love it. It’s my favorite firearm so far.

  10. Confident_Artist6194

    This is the gun that I wanted, but settled for a gp100. I didn’t even know I wanted a revolver until I shot a 686. My gp100 cost $600 about 8 years ago for reference.

  11. PTIowa

    When will there be deals on a 3 or 4in? I always see 686 and 686+ with 6in or bigger barrels only.

  12. desrtrnnr

    My dad bought me one when I was a teenager, the person who owned it first used to use it in competitions, he had the trigger cleaned up and lightened and mounted a 2x scope on it. All you have to do is think about touching the trigger and it fires. It’s a safe queen but it’s a ton of fun to shoot.

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