[RIFLE] Chinese Type 56 SKS 7.62×39 Military Surplus Rifle W/ Spiker Bayonet – $449.99

[RIFLE] Chinese Type 56 SKS 7.62×39 Military Surplus Rifle W/ Spiker Bayonet – $449.99


[RIFLE] Chinese Type 56 SKS 7.62×39 Military Surplus Rifle W/ Spiker Bayonet – $449.99

11 reviews for [RIFLE] Chinese Type 56 SKS 7.62×39 Military Surplus Rifle W/ Spiker Bayonet – $449.99

  1. cakan4444

    PSA not moving these as fast as they thought or are they getting shittier?

  2. chieffin-it

    $300 shipped and I’ll put up with the 4 lbs of cosmoline

  3. victorconcepts

    No way at this price

  4. KFC-Combo-Sauce

    Mother of all Cosmoline

  5. Ammo_Cat

    Bring back early 90’s pricing on these.

  6. lv_techs

    I bought one at 450 because I wanted a type 56 for the collection, i know I could have gotten one maybe 100 bucks cheaper if I waited, but I wanted it, I never actually went through the cosmoline stripping process before, man what a pain in the ass lol..

  7. InsuranceSuccessful7

    Ok , these are very plentiful in the USA. I have bought a brand new unfired old stock collector grade type 56 sks with box and all accesories for 500 , an nice Albanian for 450 , a super nice russian for 550 , a type 56 with 20rd box mag that is unfire for 350 , and a paratropper with baynet lug for 400 and all in the last year. I cant for the life of me spend 500 bucks on a pos type 56 that looks like its been drug behind a truck then dipped in a drum of cosmo. They should ship the cosmo to you before the gun , so you have something to lube yourself up with before bending you over.

  8. SSGTSemperFi

    Just fair warning here for anyone considering these – as usual with surplus, conditions do vary, first time buyers beware.

    We’ve had six of these come through the shop I work at, two had fairly substantial (in terms of surface coverage) *surface* rust, one had multiple *deep* patches of pitting on the magazine, dust/receiver cover, bayonet shroud, and gas tube (internals weren’t inspected, can’t comment on those)
    the other three were in good-very good condition, minor arsenal stock repair, frosty barrel confirmation from one customer, typical signs of use for surplus, etc.

    The condition of the worst one we had go through was the only one that concerned me in terms of structural safety. I was unable to inspect the barrel given that we don’t remove cosmoline, however if the visible surface rust translated similarly to the bore, it’d be a no-go on shooting for me.

  9. neilandrew4719

    300 might be the bottom for these if people wait long enough. It doesn’t help when the lgs is gouging ammo. Mine has had 7.62×39 fom 39 cpr up to 50 cpr. Online the cheapest recent price I have seem was 29 cpr + shipping.

    Get the ammo under 25 cpr shipped and the sks under 400 and they will be flying right now.

  10. geezfools

    Do I grab now and hope they don’t go up more? Or wait it out like a smart man and buy when they’re closer to $300? God damn gamble, but I still don’t have one of these in the safe…

  11. WhoIsThis11095

    Bought a couple of these awhile back (2 years ago) when they were $300.00 + S/T. Mine both had a great amount of pitting on the receiver but not in the way of active rust. One of the two stocks is very loose around the gas tube. These SkS come with so much Cosmoline that you’ll need to spend at least half a day scrubbing and cleaning the rifle. Both of my rifles had decent bores which is surprising due to the amount of putting found on the receiver

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