[RIFLE] FN SCAR 17S 308 Winchester 16.2in Black/FDE – 20+1 Rounds (pickup only) – $3162

[RIFLE] FN SCAR 17S 308 Winchester 16.2in Black/FDE – 20+1 Rounds (pickup only) – $3162


[RIFLE] FN SCAR 17S 308 Winchester 16.2in Black/FDE – 20+1 Rounds (pickup only) – $3162

15 reviews for [RIFLE] FN SCAR 17S 308 Winchester 16.2in Black/FDE – 20+1 Rounds (pickup only) – $3162

  1. Spess_Mehren

    From someone who owns one of these and [shoots it](https://old.reddit.com/r/longrange/comments/n8sf04/scar_17s_at_1410_yards_desperately_need_a_2040/) at 1000-1500 yards regularly for fun, here are some takeaways:


    1. The damage it allegedly does to optics is vastly overblown. If you have a quality 300 dollar or up optic, it will almost certainly be fine. I run a 4-14x Talos BTR, with no issues after 1k rounds. Most people who buy into the optic stories either don’t own one of these and just quote from a “guy that knows a guy that it happened to”, don’t mount the optic correctly to begin with, or believe you should stick an Acog or Eotech on everything anyways, which frankly is a big waste of this gun.

    2. A purpose built AR10 will do just about everything this gun does, in some cases better depending on your build, and probably cost you less. The only area that you will struggle to compete with is the light weight, if that matters to you. Well, that and the cool/flex factor.

    3. The aftermarket for this gun has exploded in recent years. There are tons of options for customizing these to your needs. I prefer stock, but know that you have options.

  2. KeroDude

    are we seeing more of these because now they are made in USA instead of being imported?

  3. inventurous

    Also in black, same price:


  4. hospitalchurn

    Every time I see this I have to fight the urge to spend a bunch of $$$ I don’t have

  5. justarandomshooter

    Serious question here: what makes these worth $3K?

    I genuinely don’t understand that price point.

  6. alexhopar818

    OOS for Phoenix.

  7. GarlicFartz

    How/where do you guys get those 10% off sportsmans coupons?

  8. Night_Nine

    Hot take of the day, the people who complain about the reciprocating charging handles on the SCAR are the same that find zero faults in the ak’s charging handle. But it’s never a con in the ak vids lmao
    On the bright side though you can change wich side the handle is on the scar in less than a minute

  9. Waveali

    Not a bad price (post pandemic). I wish I would have snagged none of these a couple years ago when they were in the mid 2ks.

  10. slamed123

    Is this good for plinking?

  11. austyn_lincoln


  12. Ok_Understanding1612

    Sportsman’s rules !! Fuck Cabelas !

  13. c0Y0T3cOdY

    “limit 2″… good to know Goro can’t buy four to quad yield these.

  14. BenAfflecksBackTatt

    Weren’t these like 1800 at one point?

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