[Rifle] Radical Firearms .223/5.56X45 SOCOM B5+ M-LOK Rifle – $599.95

[Rifle] Radical Firearms .223/5.56X45 SOCOM B5+ M-LOK Rifle – $599.95


[Rifle] Radical Firearms .223/5.56X45 SOCOM B5+ M-LOK Rifle – $599.95

5 reviews for [Rifle] Radical Firearms .223/5.56X45 SOCOM B5+ M-LOK Rifle – $599.95

  1. Cpafail

    ~~I thought these guys disappeared after the mexican debacle lol. My 7.62 x39 upper from them still chugging along.~~

    Edit: I’m an idiot

  2. [deleted]


  3. Sgt_Sodomy

    Radical, dude!

    Not so much like, y’know “tacos and beer and lapdances radical”.

    more like “shoving broken glass up your pee hole and spankin’ it with hot sauce radical”.

    You deserve better… probably… ionno or maybe you don’t.

  4. EngineerAl3x94

    This is probably the best gun you can get hands down. These outshoot my geissele/Vltor/proof research build every day of the week. Drip 🚨

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