[shotgun]LKCI OMEGA 12 gauge pump – $130

[shotgun]LKCI OMEGA 12 gauge pump – $130


[shotgun]LKCI OMEGA 12 gauge pump – $130

10 reviews for [shotgun]LKCI OMEGA 12 gauge pump – $130

  1. mwmwmwmwmmdw

    if people are wondering about these i can tell you about other cheap turkish shotguns ive had experiance with. the common issues with them is light primer strikes and sometimes failures to feed. id say about 5-10% seem to have these issues right out of the box. if you get one with neither of those issues out of the box than you will have a cheap shotgun that will be perfectly fine and reliable for thousands of rounds. you can always send it in for warrenty repair

    edit: apparently the shotgun is $120 now?

  2. waehrik

    I have the semi auto version of this (S12S) and it’s okay. Plan on spending some time polishing and fitting to make it run right. But that’s free except for some time.

    The barrel is good. The receiver and stock feel cheap but aren’t really under much stress so it’s fine.

    It will take a Benelli Nova mag extension once you file off the lip at the front of the mag tube holding the spring in. Takes a few minutes with a file.

  3. [deleted]


  4. dirtyinthelurdy

    Fuck it I’ll be a guinea pig, in for one 🥴

  5. CrazedCthulhu

    Benelli M4 or fifteen of these?

  6. surf53

    Shipping is 19.95

  7. Carbs_Are_Satan

    Cheap imported scatterguns for everybody!

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  9. goon_c137

    Buyer and/or User of this site acknowledges and agrees we only ship to the Continental United States with the exception of California. Buyer and/or User of this site acknowledges and agrees dahlonegaarmory.com (Dahlonega Gold and Pawn) does not ship to California, Alaska, Hawaii, or any other place outside of the Continental United States.

  10. cobra6-6

    In for one can’t pass up a shotgun for $120 the shipping was $20 to Indiana

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