Debunking the Lie that Obama & Clinton Didn’t Come For Our Guns

President Obama guns

Some People love to say, “y’all said, (Insert Any Recent Democrat President) was going to come for our guns but he never did”.

This is a very intellectually dishonest argument at worst and flat out ignorant at best.

Conflating a president’s inability to get gun control passed with the idea that they never tried is tacky.

There is ample evidence that past democrat presidents have tried to restrict our second amendment rights.

Some simply failed ie Obama and some were actually successful ie Clinton.

I hate this argument because it’s a slap in the face to the gun community who for decades has been on the front line fighting to prevent further restrictions of our 2A Rights, only to be told we’re lying or fear-mongering because we’ve done a fairly good job holding the line.

If you’re one of these people making this sophomoric argument, please stop, because like I said before, it makes you look ignorant at best or disingenuous at worst.

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