HR127: These Gun Control Bills are NOT About Savings Lives, They’re about Money, Power, & Control

Dan Ball HR127

HR127: These Gun Control Bills are NOT About Savings Lives, it’s about Money, Power, & Control

HR 127 is a load of bs that democrats are proposing that would drastically infringe upon our Second Amendment rights.

With HR 127 you want me to tell the government every gun I have, where I put them in my home, and to top it off, you then want to make it public so the bad guys can come break in and steal my guns?

How does this make anyone safer?

If anything it does the complete opposite of that but they’ve been touting this notion that this is all for public safety, and they just want to save lives.

Everything they do from a political perspective and every policy that they push puts us in more danger or puts us in a position to be less powerful to defend ourselves.

They really don’t care about saving lives or protecting lives, what this is about is control and power.

When these liberal democrats that are so woke come up with these nonsensical bs laws on “gun control” you know why they can do it?

Because they have secret service. They have security. They have people with guns to protect them so they don’t need to carry a gun.

They preach to innocent law-abiding citizens that they don’t need weapons to protect their family when they’ve got somebody standing next to them with a gun protecting them.

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