Karma Revero – Is This the Sexiest Hybrid on The Market?

Karma Revero

When people ask me my thoughts on hybrid or electric cars, my response is usually, no thanks, I prefer my cars to destroy the planet. (How Dare You).

Yes, I’m one of those guys, but I’m also a realist who understands that at some point all new cars will either be a hybrid or completely electric. ‘

Usually, when I hear hybrid, I imagine a stubby little car with an entry level rental car interior. This is not the case with the Karma Revero.

I Looked up the word automotive presence in the dictionary, and I saw a picture of the Mercedes G wagon 4×4 squared and then right under it, a picture of the Karma Revero. If I was going to personify this car, it’s synonymous with a really attractive but really tall woman walking into the waiting room of a doctor’s office.

Of course, Tall attractive women go to the doctor, but you just weren’t expecting to see something that striking walk into the doctor’s office. That’s the kind of presence it has; it’s almost alien.

I’m still not sold on the hybrid electric car thing.

I know I don’t have much of a choice because that’s where cars are going. I really like how the Revero GT is still infusing passion into what would otherwise be a passionless driving experience.

Passion isn’t always tire-shredding screaming banshee. It’s can also be elegance and grace which I feel the Karma Revero GT has in spades.

I’ll likely do a hybrid before I ever do a fully electric car. I liked the ability to have both gas and electric especially with a car like the Revero GT which shocker makes for a great GT road trip car.

I will say the region

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