Liberal Supporting Joe Biden’s Gun Control Responds To My Video, Here’s My Response

Joe Biden Gun Control

After I posted my video titled: “Joe Biden Tells Congress To Ban AR-15s and Enact Other Gun Control to Destroy the Gun Industry”, I received an email from @Steve_Mp5 on Instagram and reads:

A connection of mine is as far left as they come. I always send her your videos so she has a glimpse at the other side. I wanted you to see her comments on your last video.

After reading her comments, I decided to make a video responding to her comments. Let’s dive right in shall we.

Here’s her Letter:

“This guy is very good at parsing rhetoric but the hilarity is he’s creating his own rhetoric in the process; we could easily parse NRA rhetoric, in the same way, to show how it works to persuade its listeners. That the definition of rhetoric: persuasive language … and literally every politician, every corporation, and every institution uses it.

It’s pretty cynical to say calling for gun control after a mass shooting is purely exploiting the situation. Why isn’t it just reacting to a tragedy? Gun death rates don’t speak to what people are **really** worried about … they are not worried about gang violence or suicides … they are worried about the oft arbitrary mass slaughter in public places like schools, malls, concerts, movie theaters.

Why are gun owners against background checks? Yeah, it’s not going to prevent everything, but it might stop some of it, especially violent domestic abuse, and I really don’t see the downside. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I don’t know what to say to you about assault weapons. Clearly, they have been used in some mass shootings & honestly are pretty terrifying to lots of non-gun owning Americans … why? Because they were *designed* for war, designed to kill more people faster. Outside of it being something people love as a hobby, what is the logic for having endless assault weapons in the hands of everyday people?

Why isn’t Joe trying to sue BMW? 🤔 hmmmm, because BMWs are not designed to kill/murder & guns are (& do at a much more regular rate). That is some peak rhetorical shit right there. Cheese has probably been used to kill people, Hammers, Tylenol, etc., so if politicians don’t call for a ban on everything that’s ever been used to murder they are hypocrites? That makes no sense. As far as I can see guns were literally designed to kill & when not just being used for sport that’s largely what they do.

Why is there a gun INDUSTRY? Have you ever read about the history of the relationship between the arms industry & the U.S. military-industrial complex?

The answer to why there needs to be a consumer market for guns seems always to comes back to the 2nd amendment argument of having the right to defend yourself & again — if you’re talking from the government that’s laughable… & if you mean from other people then handguns should work just fine.

What has generated in this guy a rapacious fear of being harmed? Of needing to defend himself?

Some would argue that as long as there are endless guns then everyone could/should feel afraid & need to defend themselves with … 🥁🥁🥁🥁 … guns. it’s the perfect consumer loop. ”

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