No One Should Be Okay With Giving Anti Gun Politicians The Power to Rule over America


Anti Gun Lobby

No one should be okay with giving Anti Gun Politicians The Power to Rule over America

As a country we should feel entitled to the second amendment, not giving it away with fake promises; and that’s exactly what happened in Georgia.

If the government needs to restrict your 2A rights to protect us, who is going to protect us from the government?

The Anti-Gun Lobby now has the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. The whole reason why the branches of government are constructed the way they are is to prevent the consolidation of power, so someone please explain to me why anyone would want to consolidate the entire power of our US government into the hands of one political party?

Yes, I’m talking about the Georgia Senate runoff. No one should be okay with giving the democrats or any political party for that matter the White House, the House of Representatives, and the senate, but that’s exactly what has happened.

What are we doing, we not only gave three branches of our government to one political party, we gave it to a political party that stated multiple times that they want to destroy the most important right we have in this country:

If you don’t have the means to adequately protect your life, the life of the people you love, and all of the other rights you have, you don’t have any rights at all.

No wonder they don’t want us to have a second amendment. we don’t want it ourselves.

We don’t value it, we don’t protect it, we just give it away to the party who tells uses nice words and smiles in our face.

These politicians aren’t your friend, they’re power-hungry dictators who have to come to you and ask you to give them power.

You don’t just give them all the power and hope they do the right thing. You divvy the power-up amongst different parties so no one party can just steamroll any law they want down your throat.

Politics is a game of chess and we were playing checkers with our rights.

California is one of the anti-gun states in the country. You can’t even carry a gun for protection in so much of California.

Now ask yourself this question, how is it that Jon Ossoff raised twice as much money in California as he did in the state that he’s running to be the senator for?

Ossoff was the best-funded candidate of all time for a single congressional election.

He raised 138 million dollars, and most of yall never even heard of him until now. Think about it.

Ossoff isn’t some awesome politician, he’s being pushed because the powers that be understood how important this race was to consolidate power under the one party.

The government is responsible for some of the most atrocious acts of violence against mankind, only a fool willingly gives up their power to an entity whose sole purpose is to accumulate power so that they can have power over you.

There is no reason why the second amendment should be divided among party lines.

It is a universal right and should be fiercely defended universally by Republicans, Democrats, liberals, & conservatives.

So going forward, let’s make sure you we do just that because from 2021 and on , we don’t care who you are or what political side you’re on, 2nd Amendment is off the table!

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